Visual Composer #2964

Plant decoration in your shop

나의 카페 오피스를 화분들과 식물들로 꾸밀 수 있습니다.

HÄNZEL's Exhibition

Lee Hänzel is a florist who studied spatial decoration in Hamburg, Germany 5years.

Use the colors of flowers and plants as a palette and decorate them with indipendent pots.

Currently, he operates a studio in Korea , Think about nature, the only tool that can express the world,

And as a florist, ressemble it in a fragrant way

“Use the colors of flowers and plant as a palette” and

decorate them with independent ‘pots’, ‘tools’. Green can be any diffrent type  of things or area,
Cafe Buildings and on tiny or big furnitures.
That’s how nature overrule.